Hardware :: Joystick Keyboard Emulator

This is a prototype device. I make no warranties about its safety and function.

Joystick Keyboard Emulator

A custom joystick bridge controller. This particular unit was designed to interface with an Omax 1530 waterjet.

Uses a 3-axis analog joystick as an input to a Teensy 3.2 in "keyboard" mode.

The joystick ranges are mapped to specific keystrokes so you gain approximate proportional control of all three machine axis.

FYI...I used a high end Apem joystick because I have them available and use them regularly for other projects. Almost any analog joystick could be used as well as buttons, encoders or any other input surface that can interfaced with the Teensy micro.

The pause button shown is still a work in progress. I originally planned to wire this direct to the control cabinet for additional safety but for now I'll likely just bring it into the Teensy and emulate pressing the space bar.

1 - Apem 3-axis Joystick
1 - Teensy 3.2
1 - 32ft USB Extender
1 - USB Micro Cable

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