Hardware :: Gorgon Flex Robot Controller, Ethernet


Features an Arduino mainboard "core" concept, STM32-ARM processor and tons of I/O.

The Gorgon Flex utilizes an Arduino Ethernet mainboard as a core allowing the user to tailor the Gorgon to their specific IO needs.

Gorgon works with our RobotOpen Library and driver station app to make programming and interfacing via WIFI easy for beginners while maintaining access to advanced functions for expert users.

Programmed with the Arduino IDE.

The Gorgon Ethernet requires a WIFI router for wireless operation.

This version requires an FTDI programmer to upload code...we recommend this unit.

FTDI programmer from Sparkfun

Gorgon Board Specs with Arduino Ethernet:
-STM32-ARM co-processor
-12 PWM, 6v hobby servo compatible
-9 Digital I/O
-6 Analog I/O
-8 Quadrature encoder inputs
-8 Solenoid outputs
-Wide voltage input, 6v-30v
-Reverse polarity protection
-Anderson Power Pole power connector
-0.1" hobby style pin headers
-Rugged anodize aluminum enclosure

Latest GitHub Download

Programming the Gorgon

comparison chart

Gorgon shown out of enclosure with programmer plugged in.

This controller uses a stock Arduino Ethernet and is programmed in the same manner. The video below will give a brief primer on uploading code.

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