Hardware :: RobotOpen Control Shield for Arduino

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This Arduino shield is specifically designed to interface with FRC control systems.

The included 37-pin connector gives you direct access to the pwm output and digital I/O on the FRC Digital Sidecar.

This board comes bundled with open-source libraries and an Operator Station App that makes creating a complete WIFI control system for your mobile robot a cinch.

Commands for grabbing joystick data, writing to PWM outputs and broadcasting data to the driver station are all included!

This shield works with:
Arduino Uno + Ethernet Shield
Arduino Duemilanove + Ethernet Shield
Ethernet Arduino
Sparkfun Ethernet Pro

Board Specs:
10 PWM Outputs
8 Digital I/O
Pins 5 and 6 can be configured as interrupts
6 Analog Inputs
Status LEDs and Reset button

The Arduino mainboard is not included with the purchase of this shield.

USB joystick support is known to be working for this Logitech Gamepad, this Logitech Joystick and Xbox style gamepads. Custom support is available upon request.

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